About Us

Lawrence Nealy

Lawrence Nealy is Board Certified Credit Score Counselor & Credit Consultant and CEO & Founder of 3D Credit Consultants and Credit Repair Specialists. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Degree and actively pursuing Master of Business Administration (MBA). He is a calculated risk-taker with deep industry knowledge of the credit repair business. Lawrence is virtuous entrepreneur, and extremely family orientated, and holds robust Christian values. In addition to founding 3D Credit Consultants and Credit Repairs Specialists Lawrence is the owner operator of Faith in Action Lawn Care.  He is a part of the ministerial staff at Monument of Faith M.B.C., and previously coached at Auburn Hills Christian School.

Before Founding this organization, Lawrence was a subject matter expert in Claims negotiation, consumer credit, finance, and customer service. Drawing on many years’ experience of experiences in automotive finance and consumer credit industries, Lawrence now focuses mainly on educating consumers in financial and credit well-being, and fair credit reporting laws.

Wenona Shuler

Wenona Shuler is Board Certified Credit Consultant, and President of 3D Credit Consultants and Credit Repairs Specialists, specializing in credit restoration, score improvement, and education. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and actively pursuing Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Walsh College. She is a visionary who motivated to succeed, and take calculated risks to achieve results. She is a student member of the National Black MBA Association, and served as the Vice President of Education for a local Toastmasters Chapter for several years. Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development, and through this organization, Wenona received a Competent Communicator and Competent Leader Award.

Before becoming a partner of 3D Credit Consultants and Credit Repairs Specialists, Wenona worked for 17 years for a diverse range of organizations, gaining an array of experience, in finance, consumer credit, and customer service. Prior career experience has aided Wenona in becoming well versed in fair credit reporting, and consumer protection laws. Additionally, she has experience with handling complex complaints with agencies, such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Better Business Bureau, and Office of the Attorney General. Wenona is no stranger to hard work and dedication and will do all within her power to assist in repairing damaged and bruised credit while educating each consumer on credit health.

Wenona is available for private consultations for credit review, and can be reached at 734-237-8229 or by email at ThreeDcreditconsultant@yahoo.com.