About Us

Lawrence Nealy

Lawrence Nealy is Board Certified Credit Score Counselor & Credit Consultant and CEO & Founder of 3D Credit Consultants and Credit Repair Specialists. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Degree and actively pursuing Master of Business Administration (MBA). He is a calculated risk-taker with deep industry knowledge of the credit repair business. Lawrence is virtuous entrepreneur, and extremely family orientated, and holds robust Christian values. In addition to founding 3D Credit Consultants and Credit Repairs Specialists Lawrence is the owner operator of Faith in Action Lawn Care.  He is a part of the ministerial staff at Monument of Faith M.B.C., and previously coached at Auburn Hills Christian School.

Before Founding this organization, Lawrence was a subject matter expert in Claims negotiation, consumer credit, finance, and customer service. Drawing on many years’ experience of experiences in automotive finance and consumer credit industries, Lawrence now focuses mainly on educating consumers in financial and credit well-being, and fair credit reporting laws.